5″ seamless aluminum eavestrougheavestrough

is available for installation, delivery or pick up length. Colours available are white, chestnut brown, cream, chocolate brown, antique brown, commercial brown, ivy green, forest green, wedgewood blue, sandalwood, grey, red, hickory, slate, sable, and cashmere. Available in .023 regular gauge and .027 gauge, (limited colours).

 6″ seamless aluminum eavestrough

is available for installation, delivery, and pick up any length. Our 6″ eavestrough is .032 extra heavy gauge which is needed for eavestroughing this size. Colours are available in white, brown, commercial brown, antique brown, black, sandalwood, and grey.

 Half Round Gutter 

Roussel Eavestrough now offers Half Round Gutters in both Aluminum and copper.eavestrough half round

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 3×3 Size Downpipes 

We at Roussel Eavestrough use the 3×3 size pipe for renovation eavestrough jobs. The 3×3 pipe has many advatages which are: eavestrough downspout

    •  It allows the eavestrough to flow faster and will not overflow in heavy rains, small debris will flush through and not clog.
    • The material used is baked on painted aluminum, rectangular, corrugated, Gentek downpipes.

 3×4 Size Downpipes 

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 Round Downpipes 

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Copper Eavestrough 

copper eavestrough

copper eavestrough

Copper Eavestrough Design work has been a growing divisionRoussel’s installation Program. We have been installing copper for the past 10 years. We install copper eavestrough including 1/2 round, K – Style, with hidden brackets and designer brackets. Copper detail is becoming more popular due to its beautiful look and personal touch. We have installed copper on everything from chimney caps, bell shaped roofs, bay window roofs.

Take a look at the work we have done and see for yourself. View Copper eavestrough gallery

Roussel Eavestrough now offers Half Round Guttersin both Aluminum and copper. View below for more infomation

Now Available – Half Round gutter in Copper

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